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Reward: English Language Course 9 CD Yada 1 Dvd

Reward: English Language Course

9 CD Yada 1 Dvd

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Reward çok başarılı ve 5 bölümden oluşan genel ingilizce eğitim setidir. Yetişkinler, gençler için tavsiye edilmekte ve dünyada yüksek başarılar elde etmiştir.

Setin Bölümleri

# Starter
# Elementary
# Pre-Intermediate
# Intermediate
# Upper-Intermediate

İngilizce Açıklaması

Reward is the highly successful five-level general English course for adults and young adults which is now used and recommended extensively across the world.
Choose the Reward series and you will have up to twelve fully-integrated components at each of the five levels. The series, written by Simon Greenall and the highly-experienced Reward author team, is now complete. It provides teachers and students with one of the most comprehensive English language teaching courses available today.

# The course is split into five levels:
# Starter
# Elementary
# Pre-Intermediate
# Intermediate
# Upper-Intermediate

British English is used as the model for grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation, but other varieties of English are included for listening and reading practice.

The 70-hour core syllabus in the Student's Book ensures swift progression with its essential grammar points, systematic vocabulary, skills development and regular 'Progress Checks'.
In 2000 Simon Greenall and Macmillan Heinemann ELT were awarded the Comenius medal by the GPI for the Reward CD-ROM. The Comenius Medal is awarded on an annual basis for the development of exceptional educational media. It aims at furthering activities in the fields of multimedia, educational technology and media education.

Key Features

# Each lesson is on a double-page spread
# Grammar syllabus covers the essential language at each level
# Extensive vocabulary development
# Integrated skills work
# Practice book with cassette
# The Teacher's Book is interleaved with the Student's Book
# Teacher's Resource disk with placement tests
# Grammar and Vocabulary workbook
# General and business resource pack with supplementary exercises
# Reward video with activity book and resource pack for teachers
# New Reward ESOL mapping ­ now available from

Cross-cultural focus provides stimulating input and encourages discussion. Much of the material and activities in Reward create the opportunity for cross-cultural training. Information about sample cultures, such as Britain, America, as well as non-native English speaking ones, is given to allow the learners to compare their own culture with another. This creates opportunities for learners to reflect on their own culture in order to become more aware of the possibility of different attitudes, behaviour, customs, traditions and beliefs in other cultures.

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